How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Mac

The memories that we capture in out photos are priceless. Although you may think that your photographs and videos are safe on your iPhone. You could be wrong. Just as in life anything can happen and people lose, break, and or may experience software related issues with their devices. Thus losing those precious memories.

It only makes sense to transfer your pictures from your iPhone to Mac computer. Your phone is not going to last forever and as time goes on you will be glad to have made backups you can revisit at anytime. So if anything happens to your phone, you at least have the contents on your computer.

How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer:

  1. Power on your Mac or Windows PC.
  2. Plug in your iPhone.
  3. Open iTunes.
  4. Look to your left sidebar. Tap on “photos”.
  5. Check the box that says “copy photos from”.
  6. Select a folder on your pc.
  7. Look to your bottom right. Press “sync” and wait.

Helpful Tip: Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer. What this does is use the program to backup your content from your phone to your Mac or Windows PC. So you can access it anytime you want. You can also use this to save your apps, music, movies, and tv shows.

Transfer Photos Without Computer:

  1. Turn on your iPhone.
  2. Sign up for a Dropbox account.
  3. Go to the app store and download the “Dropbox” app.
  4. Run the Dropbox app.
  5. Login your account.
  6. From within the app select all your pictures and back them up.

Keep in mind: This will store your priceless memories in the cloud. How fast you your photos transfer from your iPhone depends on your internet speed and the size of the files you are uploading. Generally for videos depending on the size it will take longer then photos.