This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server Fix

This article will outline a few possible fixes for iOS users using the Outlook application on their iPhone, iPad, and or iPod Touch.

One of the biggest problems faced by people who use the outlook app on their Apple mobile device is this persistent error message that reads, “this message has not been downloaded from the server”.

Most people assume that this is a device error, but it’s not. This error message actually has to do with the email server protocol settings. When this happens, part of the email actually shows up, but the rest is blocked off and you’ll see the before mentioned error message.


You might be wondering why are my emails not downloading from the server? Well here are the easy fixes that might solve the problems to your outlook application.


This solution works for individual messages, but hey, it’s still a solution. In order to forward an email, the entire message has to be downloaded it. Because of this, if you try to forward a message that isn’t fully downloaded, you will be asked to complete the download. Just click yes when prompted. Again, this method works for only the message or messages that you forward, but it does work.


Another option to consider if you want to keep using the email app from iPhone or iPad is to force the device to fetch data from online. This will work if there is data to be found. There are different ways to go about doing this, and they depend on your specific device, but you must have an active internet connection.

The first thing you have to do is turn on the force data settings. Again, how you do this depends on your specific iPhone or iPad device. After you have turned on the settings, go back and go to advanced. Then manually select the operation for all your email accounts associated with your device. Now you must restart your device for the settings to take place.


If the pervious step didn’t work, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to try using a different email application for your mobile. One option that I’ve seen suggested to people who have had this issue is going to the app store and downloading a different e-mail application. This are many well-respected other e-mailing apps and it has a great deal to offer when it comes to user experience. Also if your device is jailbroken. You might want to unjailbreak it to see if some of the third party software might be effecting your connection with Outlook.


Unless something has been changed, your default protocol setting on iPhone or iPad devices should be POP3, which is normal for email applications. However, there are certain times when this needs to be changed, and you should set your protocol to IMAP instead of POP3. This simple step works for many mobile users who get the “message has not been downloaded” error when they use their email application.


Hopefully by this point you are no longer getting the message that your e-mail is not being downloaded from the server anymore. If all else fails you can always try to restore your iPhone or iPad. This article should get rid of this horrid error message that comes from your emails not being completely downloaded. If you can’t get your emails to load properly after a few of these, there is no shame in using Outlook.