5 Best Task Managers for Android

Although Android has had a default stock task managing function preinstalled on their devices for a few years now. There no denying there is still a huge demand for after market task manager apps for people who would rather use something else.

task manager android

Thanks to the innovation and development from third party developers there are now tons of beautifully crafted and feature packed task managers or “task killer” applications available for download.


If you looking for the best task manager app for Android. Below is a hand selected list of the top applications that you can download from the Google Play Store today.


smart task manager
This is one of the most well known and personally one of my favorite third party task manager apps on the Google Play Store. I have been using this app on my phone for a few months now and pretty happy with it. Some of the features of this app include: backup capabilities, application management, CPU usage monitoring, and a real time process list. The plethora of things this application does is the reason why you’ll pay almost four bucks for it. If any of these functions besides the application manager is important, this could be a potential option for if the free options below are not suitable for your needs.


rechild advanced task k
Here is another really popular task manager app for Android is Advanced Task Killer. This was considered one of the best when task managers were still essential for Android phones, and it still holds that title. This app has the normal task managing capabilities but it also adds an ignore list for apps that you never want to kill. This app is free and is still used by many people.


infolife task manager
This app doesn’t add a great deal to what it does besides killing apps, but it does add the ability to kill GPS. This isn’t a particularly exciting feature because most phones allow users to turn off GPS, but it could potentially come in handy so it’s cool that they included this ability. This is the task managing app for people who want a simple app that will only do what it needs to do. Advanced Task Manager by INFOLIFE LLC can be downloaded for free.


es global task manager
Another of those apps that offers everything you need to manage your apps, but goes far beyond expectations. For people who have used ES File Explorer, you’ll find that this app does everything thing File Explorer does along with app killing. In fact, the feature list for this one is the longest of all the apps featured on this list, but what you need to know is that ES Task Manager does all of this for free.


go dev team go cleaner
With over 40 million downloads so far and comes from a very trusted app developer. This application not only manages your phone’s usage, but it also cleans your phone of uninstalled apps, old browsing data, etc. This handy app can be downloaded for free.


The days of using the stock task manager app for android are long gone. There are now a great deal of creative alternative applications that can be downloaded to accomplish this task, but if you want something a little more premium, there are paid options as well. However, as this article shows, some of the best task managers are available for free.