7 Very-Useful Pregnancy Tracker Apps On Android

One of the main reasons to get a smartphone is because they allow you to do things in a matter a minutes that would traditionally take much longer.

One example of this is the pregnancy tracker app. These apps, which can be found in the Play Store on Android devices, essentially tell people what to expect from their prenancy at various stages.

Because of these apps, women everywhere have access to more of a peace of mind when it comes to the changes that happen during a pregnancy.


This article will highlight some of the best pregnancy tracker applications ever to be developed for Android and available for free in the Google Play Store.


This happens to be the number one most used pregnancy tracker in the Play Store, and it’s easy to see why. For starters, the way the application is designed is very calming. This is important because that’s what the environment for expectant families should be. Some of the features of this app are a maternity calendar, daily baby size and development updates, and due date calculation. This application also provides personalized feedback based on your status of how long you have been pregnant.


This is a very helpful app for people who are looking for a simple way to know what to expect from the various stages of pregnancy. Like the first app mentioned on this list, users get personalized feedback based on their stage of when they are pregnant. Some of the other features for this app are videos and tips from other moms, and special groups based on things such as location and interests.


This is another option that allows expectant parents to track their pregnancy using information catered to the specific stage. While this application isn’t as comprehensive, it offers useful information like due date, number of days left of till birth, and what changes you can expect your body to undergo. The design of this app is also important because it happens to look very calming and warm.


The thing that sets this application apart from the rest is that it shows 3D images of what the fetus looks like at various stages of pregnancy. This is important because it’s meant to give the full visual experience of what happens week by week. Besides this, the tool is pretty great but it isn’t as comprehensive as some of the others when it comes to information.


Options are important when it comes to this topic, so here is another one. The I’m expecting application is a beautifully designed app that allows you to calculate your due date, watch your baby grow, and it gives you weekly updates about the development. This is another strong option for future parents.


With this application you get a plethora of useful pregnancy tools. Perfect for any expecting mom or dad to use. Some of the features include kick counter, doctor visit logs, weight logs, and a number of other tools you might find useful.

280 DAYS

With one of the most cute and organized designs I have seen in a pregnancy application. This tool will be very useful during the 9 months of being pregnant. You can use the tool to track almost anything from doctor visits to daily health reports.


Pregnancy tracker apps are very important because they give users access to information that would be a great deal more difficult to obtain if they didn’t exist. However, it should also be pointed out that regular visits to your doctor during the time you are pregnant is still important. While none of the apps here are replacements for seeing a doctor, they can provide some very useful information.