5 Of The Best Free Prank Calling Apps For Android

Much of the fun that is associated with having a smartphone comes from having apps that allow you to do things that you really don’t need to do.

For example, the games on people’s phones are unnecessary, but many of us wouldn’t enjoy our devices nearly as much without them. The same can be said for prank calling apps, there’re not needed, but they help provide a few laughs when you’re bored and they can sometimes get you out of unpleasant situations.


This article will point out a few of the best prank calling apps in the Play Store as well as some of their most important features.


This application makes prank calling your friends easier than ever. One of the issues that many jokesters have is determining what the prank should be when they call, but this app features some prerecorded scripts to help with this. This means that you only have to have a few friends in mind to prank call and the app does the rest. With this app you’ll get two free pranks a day and you get to choose from over 150 prerecorded scripts for your entertainment needs. Don’t forget to save your snapchats of your friend’s reactions for more entertainment.


Not only does this application allow you to prank people by calling them, but you can do it with fake texting conversations as well. Prank Call and Prank SMS is an easy to use application that can add a great deal of entertainment to your life as a result of pranking your friends. One of the greatest things about it is that this app is completely free, which means that you have unlimited pranks.


This is another option for people who are looking for new ways of pranking their friends. It allows you to send them funny prank calls that they will think are coming from real people. This app is free and has a high rating in the Play Store, which means that it’s more than a safe bet. Like the others, you get to use prerecorded conversations so you don’t have to worry about being at a loss for words


The goal of this app is actually to change your voice in order to make prank calls to your friends. This app works based on minutes with each users getting one free minute and the ability to get more minutes from sponsored offers. You also get unlimited voice transformations and the app works without Wifi. Voice changer is an easy app to use that won’t take the fun out of prank calling.


This app is a change of pace from the others on this list because it allows you to call yourself but using the voice of your favorite celebrity. Some people use this app for laughs, but many people actually use it to excuse themselves from situations that they don’t want to be involved in. Also, when you call yourself, a picture of the celebrity will show up on your caller ID.


If you want more fun you can also try downloading truth or dare apps on Android. Prank calling has always been a favorite activity, but it can be difficult because you want to make sure your friends don’t realize it’s you calling. The use of these apps makes it easy to create a smart and funny prank without giving yourself away, and all the ones on this list are top notch.