8 Must-Download Keyboards For Android

The keyboard menu is something every single user sees when they want to input text into their mobile device. Seeing the same generic keyboard over and over again, gets boring. Doesn’t it? What if you could change the generic looking menu into something a little more fun. Your possibilities for fun could be endless.


There is no right answer to this because the term “best” really is judged upon the beholder. Similar to if you asked two people what their favorite soda would be. Coca Cola Or Pepsi. When I searched for “Keyboard App” on the Google Play Store. I get what seems to be an endless list of different keyboards designed by different developers. I downloaded and tested the top 50 that ranked on the Google Play Store. Out of the 50 that I tried out. Only 23 of them made the list.


Google Keyboard
Google is the company that made the Android operating system. So it is no doubt they have what might be the possibly #1 app on the market. Overall the app has a nice and clean design. With a Swype and voice typing feature that works great.


Go Keyboard
If you want an app with emojis. GO has more than has over 1500+ emojis and even supports 5″, 7″, 9″ and 10″ tablets. As well as including many themes and stickers you can also add on. This is a highly customizable keyboard that is perfect for kids and adults alike.


Swiftkey Keyboard
SwiftKey is an editor’s choice productivity keyboard app. It was built was the user in mind. Some of the main functions you will find but not limited to are: personal predictions, autocorrect, effortless swiping, bilingual typing, customizable layouts , and a ton of beautiful emojis.


Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro
Kika Emoji is a intuitive keyboard app with support for over 50+ different languages with a lot of cool themes, fonts, stickers and customizable layouts.


Fleksy Keyboard
If you are looking something fast and beautiful. Fleksy is an editor’s choice app that claims to be the quickest keyboard app on the google play store market. It is highly customizable and has a lot of add on extensions.


My Photo Keyboard
Another great one. My Photo is perfect if you want to add a custom photo or designs on your keyboard. They also have tons of great emojis and gifs you can use too.


FancyKey Keyboard
This might be my favorite. FancyKey lets you design your own keyboard with tons of preloaded sounds, effects, fonts, buttons, and backgrounds. They are defiantly one of the coolest apps on the market because of the endless amounts of designs you can come up with.


Classic Keyboard
Modeled after the iPhone’s interface. Classic Keyboard looks exactly like the one you would find on an iPhone and iPad. So if you miss the interface on your iDevice. Then this app is for you.

Hopefully by this point you have found a better keyboard to download and use. Depending on what you like, I covered a little bit of everything in this post. With a variety of options to choose from you should have no trouble finding something you will love.