How To Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working

When you are in the middle of your favorite song, chilling with your friends and suddenly. The speakers on your phone stops working, and you have no idea what happened. At that time it becomes the most annoying thing, that can happen to an iPhone user, who loves listening audio.


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First of all, play music that you find suitable and audio song can be a good option. Trying different sound with different high and low pitch can help a lot because some time protective covers or dust particle stop low sound from reaching your ear drum. If this simple fix solved your problem.


Do you have protective back cover on your device. Which is also covering speaker and charger jack area? I suggest you to remove that, and now clean small pours of your iPhone speakers, with cotton plug. The dust particles present in small pours can block or reduce sound; in result you are unable to hear sound properly.


Make sure that, Silent switch of your iPhone is inactive, to do so. All you need to do is look at top left side of your device if you can see orange color then it is on silent you will have to drag it back and you are good to go

Then you need to adjust volume of your phone to make sure that it is in your audible rang, and it can be adjusted by simply pressing button with “+” sign on top left of your iPhone just below silent switch by doing so you will be able to make sure that it is not software which is causing trouble.
If you are still unable to hear anything then you need to look for other possibilities.


Make sure that your iPhone is not connected to any other Audio wireless device. For example wireless head phone, Apple tv, carplay etc. In such case you might not hear music; because music is playing somewhere else and you are unable to hear anything from speakers. In this case you need to disconnect these devices.


Connect your headphones to your iPhone. Play music, if you can hear sound then it is possible that you are experiencing hardware disorder. Hopefully it was not just stuck in headphone mode.


It is also possible that sound you are playing is not suitable for testing so my recommendation is to dial a local number and then turn external speaker on by switching between external and call speakers; you will be able to find out the actual problem.


After going through all these checkpoints, you may restart your device and then check for audio output. If it is still idle then it is likely that speaker of your phone is malfunctioning


It is possible that your phone is stuck in handsfree mode and somehow after unplugging your headphones it is not released even after restarting. After trying all possible techniques in hand restoring your device, can tell exactly if there is Hardware problem or a software bug which is causing trouble. So restore your phone from setting and after restart you will come to know that whether it is hardware or software. In many case it can be a software related problem that a simple iPhone restore can fix.


Before repairing your device at the Apple Store, go through above mentioned steps again. If result is same then go for hardware changes. Unlike most smart phones, the iPhone’s body is very precisely packed and it is not possible to open it without proper tools. Hopefully it is not water damage or another physical defect because this may be a non software problem if that is the case.