How To Get iPhone Emojis On Android

Emoticons have changed the way we communicate on social media platforms. They are a bunch of delightful facial expressions that are fun to use and they describe the depth of our innermost feelings without having to write a long chapter to explain them. They help minimize a lot of typing and often help to improve understanding between users.

While android has a great variety of emoji features, there is always that competitive difference that the android and ios has over one another which is apparent from their emoji features. There are basic emoticon features that are both available and approved by Unicode consortium but ios phones utilize a technology that give their icons a different look accompanied with emoji support.


Sometimes we tend to prefer certain feature to the other from a distant look. In order to observe the contrast between ios and android emoticons you can download an android app called “emojily”. This app will not convert android emoji to ios characters but it can allow you preview how android emojis look on apple technology. For you to observe these comparisons you must have an apple kit. Download and install a free apple kit app and you can compare as much as you like.


You may want to consider these two factors before installing emojis. Ios emoticons look different when applied on android, secondly, ios provides support and upgrades before android does so if you are seeing square shapes where your emoji should appear then there’s probably an upgrade you need to do to get the new version which supports the current add-ons.

According to reviews, the latest version android 6.0.1 marshmallow has all ios emojis available so all you have to do is to upgrade or wait till an upgrade is available for your device.

Android nougat is coming up with more optimized emoji packages including alternate gender for many icons but then again, this might take an uncertain period of time to be made available to you, with the exception of Nexus phones and other Nexus devices.


I will be remised if I do not properly inform you of the dangers and complications that could surface after you opt for this method. This option applies to users who do not mind a short phone life as this technique is effective but exposes your device to various faults, plus a certain level of technical-know-how is needed. In times when desperate measures are required, this is a proper way to apply apple icons on your android device.


This is a step-by-step break down to rooting your android phone.
iphone emoji for android
1. Install Rooting App – “kingoroot” is one of the most efficient and simplified rooting app available. It is a windows tool so it’s necessary to confirm its compatibility with your device before you can begin installment. Once you have downloaded the app, connect your device to a computer via USB, follow the instructions on screen and after completion, do a system reboot. This unlocks your device hereby making software alterations possible.
Rooting allows you to, not only acquire ios emoticons but also to install any app you desire, run various customized versions of android, delete pre-installed apps from your phone and also get deeper accessibility into android systems.

2. Download Emoji Switcher – This app, as its name implies, allows you switch your android emojis from the ios types and designs. You also get access to icons that are used by LG, Samsung and a few others. The emoji switcher app is easy and flexible. Once you install, it opens up a menu that allows you view all available features then you pick ios features. Finally, the ios emojis are yours! Then again there are so many android phones out there so the compatibility of these apps with your device is still a factor to consider.

3. Just download Whatsapp – the renowned social media platform whatsapp, uses emojis provided by apple and retains its designs no matter the device it’s on. This means that a hi-five icon is a hi-five icon on every device.

4. Now You Have Your Desired Emojis, What Next? – All that’s left to do now is keep an eye out for news and changes or upgrades to whatsapp and emoji switchers as functions of apps are tied to the OS of the device, asides that, enjoy your new emojis *smiley face*