How To Fix iPhone Black Screen Of Death

What to do when your iPhone screen goes black?

There can be a plethora of reasons why your iPhone screen went dark. It can be an absolutely horrible feeling when you can’t get the device to turn on and function properly.

Many of us have had this happen and it can be nerve racking because it makes you think that the phone might be broken for good.

But there are ways to fix this problem. Although there can be many issues. We outline the most common solutions that can help fix the most common reasons.


This tutorial will point out some of the reasons why you have a black screen on your iPhone. As well as show you how to fix this problematic issue.

iphone screen black


One of the first things you should try if your screen is either black or just frozen is to force it to restart. Many people worry that they will lose content because of this. But you will not lose any content from restarting your device. This is not resetting your device. It is just basically turning it off and then on again. It is important to realize that even if your iPhone screen blacked out, you can still restart the device.


If restarting the device doesn’t do the trick then try plugging in the charging cable and allowing it to charge for up to an 30 minutes. This should be a substantial amount of time. You should see the charging screen after only a few minutes of having it charge. However, if you don’t see this check the jack, USB cable, and power adapter to make sure they don’t look damaged. You can also try switching out this equipment if you know someone else who has the same charger or power adapter as you. Chargers and the other items can become damaged to the point that they no longer work, so this could also be the cause of your problems.


Many people will find that the above tips solve their issues, but sometimes iPhones still get stuck during the start up process. If this happens then simply connect the device to a computer using the cable.

When your device connected then force it to restart. Then follow these steps to restore the iPhone. Or alternatively you can use those instructions to update, restore, or reset your phone.


1. You get a black screen after charging or restarting the device.
2. Your screen is black but you hear your alerts, sounds, and your phone vibrates.
3. The screen is on, but your iPhone is not responding to touch.
4. The home/sleep button does not work
5. The Apple logo won’t go away or the phone displays a solid color.


Having your screen go dark without knowing why or how to fix it can cause a great deal of worrying. These methods should be what to do if your iPhone screen goes black. There can be many of reasons why this could happen. If you’re at the end of this post and none of these strategies helped. You should now consider brining your phone to the Apple store.