How To Fix Any Model iPhone Battery Dying Fast

Let’s face it, most people feel that their iPhones die too fast. But for many people this is actually a really big issue.

There are people who fully charge their phones and only get about 50% of the battery life they are supposed to.

Believe it or not, this issue is probably coming from both a few bad habits and a few things that your iPhone does that you may not be aware of.
iphone battery dying too fast


This article will point out some of the things you can change on your iPhone in order to make sure you get the most out of your battery.


One reason your phone may be dying too soon is that you’re not limiting which apps get access to your location. This is important because when you have location services turned on, GPS is always looking for that information and sending it to all the apps you have it enabled for. To fix this, go to settings, then privacy, then location services, and turn off access to the apps you don’t want to provide your location for. If you ever wanted to for whatever reason, you could also turn your location services off all together.


If I had to guess, I would say that not closing apps after you’re done using them is one of the main reasons your battery doesn’t last. This is simply a habit that not very many people have, but one that you should adopt if you want good battery life. Another reason is that people don’t delete apps even when they know they won’t use them again. This not only drains your battery, but it also takes up space on your device and could cause it to run slower.


Many people don’t realize it, but your screen can be a major factor in your battery dying too fast. This is because the brightness is often set to one of the highest levels and people never experiment with lower ones. You’re iPhone will be bright enough to be seen on all levels of brightness so most people have it turned all the way up for no practical reason.


The use of airplane mode can do wonders for your battery. This is mostly true when you are not using the internet and are in a low coverage area because having your phone go in and out of the signal is bad for the battery.


Despite what many people say, you should only use your cell network when you have to. This is because when Wi-Fi is turned off, your apps will try to connect to GPS instead, which will drain your battery.



Turn off your automatic downloads for app updates. Of course the downloads are usually small, but you often get more than one at a time and your battery will suffer as a result. It’s much better to manually update your apps because you avoid updating the ones you no longer use.


These are a few of the common reasons why your might be iPhone battery dying fast and won’t hold a change like it’s supposed to. If you implement the fixes presented here, you’re battery should last longer. However, there are cases where your phone may have issues that would require more attention.