5 Internet Explorer For Mac Alternatives You Can Use Today

Although Internet Explorer is a great web browser. You should know that there are other options. Below I will share with you the top internet explorer for mac alternatives. Feel free to try them out yourself and test to see which one you like best. Who knows you might find yourself a new favorite browser that replaces IE.

Mozilla FireFox

Firefox is compatible with Mac. The browser has so many extensions that you can use to make your experience just that much better. There is a huge community behind the browser and constantly being updated.

Google Chrome

This is my favorite web browser. I used it on my windows pc, mac computer, and mobile phones and tablets. If you use this on your mac you can download a plethora of chrome extensions. For me this browser is even faster then Internet Explorer.

Opera Browser

The Opera Browser has been around for years. I used to use this web browser and have to say its really just okay. Everything works great but not my favorite because its just very plain. I don’t really get the wow factor as I do with the competition.

UC Browser

Not very full known but features a very sleek clean design. Works very well. The UC Browser looks at lot like Google Chrome. When I tried it out for about an hour I had no issues at all. This is a great option if you want a very close identical to internet explorer for mac. Everything from blogs to social networks worked as they should. So i would recommend it.


If you prefer the look and feel of internet explorer. This is as close are you are going to get. The Maxthon definitely accomplishes this. Its very quick but feels somewhat bulky to me. Some of the tabs are questionable but overall looks and feels just very close to IE.