How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Any Android Device

Android smart phones come with an awesome function known as Safe Mode, which allow users to troubleshoot problems that may impact their devices.

For example, if malware ever becomes an issue for your device, it is possible that you could only boot your phone in Safe Mode. What this function does is strip your phone down to a much simpler version to help determine the issues.

While safe mode on Android is a useful tool, you’ll want to return your phone back to it’s normal function as soon as possible, and this article will give tips to accomplish that.

safe mode on android



Just like many other technological devices and functions, restarting can go a long way. It is because of this that many people simply restart their devices in order to exit Safe Mode. This can be done by:
1 Pressing and holding the power button.
2. Select the restart or reboot option.
3. Most phones will tun on again automatically.
Now check to see if you are no longer in safe mode.


Just in case doing the restart from the previous method doesn’t work, you can try doing a soft reset. This is actually a similar way to attempt taking your phone out of Safe Mode on Android. A soft reset can be done by:
1. Hold down the power button until you see options.
2. Pick “power off” or any variation of it.
3. Wait a few seconds and turn the phone on again.
4. Did that work?


Most people would have found success with one of my prior steps, but just in case, there are more. The next step to get your phone out of Safe Mode is to turn off all power to the device. This can be done by:
1. Remove the phone’s back cover.
2. Remove the sim card. Please note that many phones have a different area for the sim cards. Refer to your owner’s manual.
3. Reinsert the sim card .
4. Remove the battery.
5. Is your phone still in Safe Mode?


Since nothing else has worked so far, here’s something a bit more drastic. Please be warned that clearing app data will clear both the cache and any person preferences on your phone. These could be things like login information and settings. To do this, complete the following:
1. Go to settings and find apps or applications.
2. Select the app you want to clear.
3. Tap clear the data.
4. Let’s hope this works.


This article listed the usual ways people get their Android phones out of safe mode. For most people, one of the first few methods will work, but some cases are worse than others. All of the steps presented are pretty short when it comes to time and they don’t require any extensive knowledge to complete.