How To Save A Video From Instagram

One of the biggest dilemmas with Instagram’s official app is that there is no way to download videos to your mobile device.

It probably makes sense dues to legal reasons that the official app does not have a feature that lets you keep other peoples content. This in the end protects the people who upload their content to the web. But you will learn a way to circumvent this. Thanks to third party developers you know have the ability to save whatever videos and photos that you want.

Here is how to download photos and save Instagram videos straight to your mobile device.

iOS Users:

  1. Power on your iPhone, iPad, and or iPod Touch.
  2. Open the app store and search for “Instagrab”.
  3. Download “Instagrab” and run the application.
  4. Input your Instagram credentials.
  5. Find the content that you want to download and save it.

Keep in mind: Instagrab is an iOS application that has been optimized for iPhone and iPad. Created Renjian Yu. This is a third party app not authorized by Instagram. It is safe to use because when you login the app it uses the official API offered by the company. So it is basically the same thing as logging in the official app.

Android Users:

  1. Power on your Android mobile device.
  2. Launch the Google Play Store and search for “InstaSave”.
  3. Download “InstaSave” then open the app.
  4. Find the content that you want to download and save it.

Keep in mind: InstaSave is an Android app that lets you save content from other users. It is encouraged that you have the owners permission before you download their content.

By this point you whether you are on iOS or Android. You should have successfully learned how to save instagram photos as well as download videos from other users to mobile device. Although it can be troublesome to see content that you like and not be able to keep it. Hopefully you no longer have this issue.