How To Reset Android Phone Or Tablet

The most common reason for wanting to factory reset an android phone or tablet usually is because the device is changing ownership or faced software related corruption along the way. Regardless the reason once you reset your device it will be like the first day you pulled it out of the box. All the settings will changed back to default.
reset phone
Taking an android phone or tablet back to default settings doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right directions. Depending on how you want to move forward you should know that factory reset and soft reset are two different procedures that are often used interchangeably. Keep reading and you will learn how to do both and the differences between them.

Android Soft Reset:

    1. Turn off your Android phone or tablet.
    2. Turn it back and hold the lock/power button.
    3. If that above procedure doesn’t work. Redo it. This time hold the lock/power button with the volume up button.

soft reset android

What to know: A soft reset is basically just for turning a phone off and on. So if a specific app is malfunctioning sometimes turning it off and on will fix the issue..

Android Factory Reset ( Wipe Everything ):

  1. Power on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Open settings.
  3. Navigate to geneal.
  4. Tap on backup & reset.
  5. Confirming a factory reset will wipe your device.factory reset android

What to know: This method is for when you want to totally wipe your phone of its current data. A factory reset will bring your device back to original manufacturer settings. Just like when you first bought the device. This is no reversal once you wipe your device has been wiped. Depending on the manufacturer the settings and configurations window may be a little bit different. The method above was done with an LG phone. But other phones should be similar.