5 Best Gun Apps For Android

There is a real fascination for guns all around the world. Children often play with toy guns, many people use guns for sporting activities, and video games that feature guns are often some of the most popular. Because of this, of course there is a market for gun simulation apps for phones and other Android devices. These apps are not used to purchase firearms or ammunition, but they are used to help capture the sense of firing a firearm, but without the risks that could possibly present themselves.


This article will present the five best gun apps for Android. The reasons why these apps are so important is the fact that many people simply like the sound of a gun firing as well as the feeling that comes from it, and the apps featured on this list can help satisfy this need.


droid lake
The purpose of this application is, as the name suggests, to simulate how a gun sounds when it is fired. The great thing about Real Gun Sounds is the fact that there are many weapons to select from and the sounds are authentic from the actual weapon. This is great because it could also be used for training when it comes to learning the differences in sound for guns.


gun core studio
This app has some serious negatives, but it has positives that will hopefully make up for its short comings. The bad is the fact that the interface for this application is incredibly bland and boring. Also, the guns used on the apps are detailed, but they are also only pictures of the guns. However, the sound that the guns on this app make are very realistic and could be enough to make up for the design flaws.


oranginal plan
The strong point of this app is that it’s very realistic. In fact, it has been said that this application actually turns your phone or device into a weapon instead of just having a basic picture of one. Some of the features Weaphones has are: the ability to reload the gun, turning off the safety, and cocking a revolver. This is the app for people who crave a realistic experience when it comes to shooting guns.


crimson moon entertainment
This application happens to be one of the very first gun apps in the Play Store. Firing a gun with this app is very realistic as there is smoke, empty shells, a muzzle flash, etc. Igun comes with a vast selection of guns each with great detail. In fact, there are over 200 guns to choose from.


life belt games
This is a really cool app for guns because it includes 3D detailed models for the guns. This means that users get a full view of the guns, which is useful to help learn the different types. It is also important to note that the guns can be customized in many different ways.


The apps featured on this list all accomplish the same goal sound-wise as real guns, which is to give users a realistic experience of firing a gun without having to actually hold a physical one. Hopefully by this point you have found a gun app for android that accomplishes all the feature you would hope it to have.