4 Gameboy Color Emulators For Android You Can Download Today

The 90s have past. You can never go back in time. But for the nostalgic folk who grew up playing Gameboy Color. You can relive history by now being able to download the gameboy color emulator on your Android device. From Pokemon to Super Mario. You can jump back in time and play all of your favorite games again. But this time on the go with your mobile.


I downloaded and tried a bunch of the ones on the Google Play Store. Although there are alot of different options. All of them accomplish the same task but not all of them work that same. Some lagged, whiles others excelled over the competition. Here is a list of the ones that I liked the best.


a.d emulator
A bit of a questionable name but an awesome emulator nonetheless. A.D can be used in portrait and landscape mode. You can even link your wii remote and play on a physical remote.


my oldboy emulator
Ranked among the top on the google play store. My OldBoy! is a premier choice for playing your old gameboy color games. There is even support for cheats and running the original gameboy games.


john gbc lite
Working on pretty much every single android device above version 2.3 and higher. This app has a ton of great features among support for original gameboy games, load and play from internal storage or sd card, and more.


A user friendly modern looking emulator. There is support for keyboards if you want to game on a physical device. With Nostalgia.GBC there is even a rewind feature that lets you go back a few seconds. Which could be useful in certain situations.


Time goes on but your love for your old favorite titles still exist. Now that you have a list full of game boy color emulators. You can enjoy countless hours of more fun playing all your favorite games again. What game will you be playing next?