3 Best FM Transmitter Apps For Android

Although we are in an age where radio sales aren’t what they used to be. The demand of fm transmitter radios is still quite fierce. When your electricity goes out, so does your home internet connection and link to the outside world. Or if you are in the remote wilderness you might not be able to get mobile service.

In todays world it is far more economical to download a radio transmitter app onto your device. But do keep in mind you still need a physical transmitter for these apps to work. Most mobile device manufacturers who sell Android devices by default do not have radio capability built into their devices. So below you will find a personal hand selected list to help you find the best fm transmitter app for android so you can listen to all your favorite tunes and emergency channels.

#3: K Mate Transmitter

A solid selection. This made the compiliation because the application comes with a smart scan feature that will automatically show all the channels in your area that are available to listen to. You can even change, tune, and scan the different frequency to your desired specification

#2: Quick FM Transmitter

This is ranked number one app on the google play store. The app will work with IS05, ISO3, and IS01. You also need to remember to not have your device in airplane mode in order for it to work. With around 500 thousand downloads and 1400 reviews. This is a decent app to have in your device.

#1: TuneLink Auto

Developed by New Potato Technologies. This is the dominant leader in the transmitter industry for android. You need their physical device for the app to work. But once you get it up and running you can use it with your cars stereo and listen to all the channels in your area.