How To Clear Facebook Search History Permanently

Like many other applications Facebook keeps records of every move you take on the platform. If you post anything, comment, like a picture or post you have to know that you are going to find all these activities in the activity log whenever you or someone unauthorized happens to need it.

Facebook doesn’t only take note of the interaction of the page or posts. When you search for anything, be it a friend, business page, personality or anything all the activities are stored or saved to your activity log, in your search history. This saving of information is possible so that it will be easier for you in future when you are looking for the same thing which is an advantage to you when using the social network. The truth is it can also embarrass you when somebody else gets their hands on your Facebook access device.


facebook search history
However, this search history appearing on suggestions after typing something in the search box is not well with other people for different reasons. Maybe it is something you searched for lately which perhaps embarrasses you today. Others use home desktops so it might be for privacy purposes, you just don’t want people to see what you have been doing, do you? With these reasons and more, deleting the search history will be the best solution which you might use. The below measures can assist you in getting rid of your Facebook search history.


Getting to the Activity log option is the first step if you want to remove your Facebook search history. You can get the activity log option in two different places, on your profile and through your home/ the timeline.

When you are on your homepage, there is a drop-down of options (small inverted triangle icon next to a lock icon on the navigation bar) on the top-right corner of the page. On clicking that triangle, you will see a lot of options that you can modify the Facebook experience through. Among those options, you will see the activity log option.

You can also access the Facebook search activity log panel from your profile. In this case, the activity log option is on the cover photo, at the far bottom-right.


The activity log consists of all your Facebook post, likes, comments and all the activities you did on Facebook, including your search history. After clicking the activity log option, a list of choices will appear on the left-hand side if you are using a laptop/desktop or any widescreen device. To reveal the option to manipulate search history, you will have to go for the MORE option which follows after Photos, Likes, and Comments.

On clicking the search option, all the searches you have done on Facebook from the day you created the account will appear. The searches will be sorted according to the date of the action.

You can either delete individual search instances one at a time by clicking on a crossed-circle icon which will be on the far-right of each of them search, a dialogue window will appear shortly. This window essentially asks if you are sure of the action since it is irreversible.

If you want to remove all the searches at once you just have to click on the clear searches link. This will be on the top-right of the search history list. Again a pop-up window will appear asking for a confirmation of your action.
Agreeing to the respective dialogues in the pop-up windows will see the search history deleted.


There is another way you can use to reach the section with all the searches you have done on Facebook. When you initiate a search through the blue navigation bar, a list of the searches you recently conducted will appear. Clicking on the EDIT link directs you to the search list, from which you can delete the history. Otherwise you can also read my article on Facebook Graph Search to learn more about the different functions within your profile.


Clearing the search history on your Facebook account doesn’t have to be hard. It can help ensure that your profile is more secure from prying eyes. Whether you forget to log off your account or get hacked. At least your private confidential searches will forever remain safe.