How To Type Degree Symbol On Mac

Locating and typing the degree symbol on your Mac OSX computer doesn’t have to be hard or troublesome. In fact, more and more people are discovering how easy it really is to do this on their computer every single day.

For a plethora of reasons many people will need to use the degree symbol at some point in their life for work, school, or just for number of other casual reasons. If you look on your keyboard you will notice that the symbol is not located anywhere.

Below I will teach you a few simple ways you can use to locate and type the degree symbol on ANY Mac OSX computer. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a physical desktop or a laptop. The process will be the same for every single user on any type of OSX powered computer.

mac keyboard

There are three simple shortcuts that you can type the degree symbol on Mac OSX computer or laptop. So write them down in your notepad, or save this page as a future reference. Anyone from child to adult can utilize these shortcuts and within seconds find the symbol they are looking for.


Input the following set of keyboard strokes into your keyboard and hold them down all at the same time.


Hold down at the same time Shift -> Option -> 8.




Hold down at the same time Option -> K.



Tip: Both methods will output the degree symbol on your computer or laptop. The first method will output a bigger symbol, meanwhile the second method will output a smaller symbol. However they both accomplish the same thing. It is just a matter of preference.


STEP 1: Hold down at the same time Control -> Command -> Space.
STEP 2: A new window with many different symbols, emojis, and etc will appear.
mac degree symbol
STEP 3: Type in “degree” into the search bar. You will be shown celsius, fahrenheit and degree, just select the option that you want.


℃ ℉ °

Tip: With the third method you will also be able to type the celsius and fahrenheit symbol. So if you are looking for these symbols to make it easier. You can also copy and paste the outputs from any of the methods above and use it for your specified needs accordingly. Also keep in mind that with this method you can also search for other symbols and emojis and even sort by emojis and categories. So there is alot more potential to different things that you can use.


By this point of the tutorial you should have learned the three distinct shortcuts for how to type degree symbol on Mac as well as the way to get the celsius and fahrenheit symbols too. Also note that the methods outlined in this tutorial also works for the OSX version of Microsoft Office. So if you’re are trying to use it specifically in Microsoft Word or Excel the methods for inputting the symbols will work exactly the same.