How To Install Current Version Plugin Shockwave For Director

Shockwave is an alternative to the ever so popular Flash by Adobe. Although it is not a substitute, the purpose of the Shockwave is to allow people using internet browsers on Windows and or Macintosh OSX computers to view content created by Adobe Director.

Content that you can use thanks to Shockwave includes human intractable web content such as advertisements, games, presentations, and other interactive media. Shockwave for director is constantly being updated so it is very important to always have the current versions of the plugin installed on computer.

Don’t know if you have Shockwave installed?


You should note that shockwave for director is constantly being updated with new features and to eliminate security bugs. Hackers constantly prey on older versions because they are easy to crack. So don’t fall victim because you are too lazy to take a couple of minutes to find the most recent version of the software. This is why the importance of having the current version plugin installed can help you not be a threat to the list of ever growing security threats constantly being put out on the internet.

STEP 1: 

Visit the official Adobe Shockwave website.
adobe shockwave

STEP 2: 

Navigate to the “Download” section below and click on “Shockwave Player”.
adobe shockwave 2

STEP 3: 

Click on  the big yellow “Download Now” button.
adobe shockwave 3

STEP 4: 

After Adobe Shockwave for director is successfully downloaded. Tap on the file to install it. Follow the installation steps and uncheck any additional add ons. You don’t need it because it is mostly just bundled adware type stuff. Make sure that you have administrator permissions so that the file gets installed properly.

adobe shockwave 4
Note: When you finish with the installation process. This will automatically update Shockwave to the latest current version. Be careful and always make sure that you are using the Official Shockwave by Adobe website and not a fake one. An easy way to tell if the website is legitimate is to always check for a “https” at the start of the address bar.

Shockwave for director is available only on Windows or Macintosh OSX. Excluding the mobile version of Windows. If you are running Unix then this tutorial will not work for you because it is not yet compatible with that operating system.

The reason why Adobe only makes digital tools such as flash and shockwave only for Windows and Macintosh OSX is because the majority of computer users only use those operating systems. The market percentage for Unix is very small in comparison so it makes sense why they only make Shockwave compatible only the big two operating systems.


Once the latest version of shockwave for director is installed. You don’t need to do anything else. Whenever you visit a website that runs with Shockwave for its interactive content or media. You will automatically use it. Similar to how when you install Adobe Flash. Whenever you visit a website that uses it. Then it automatically runs in the background without any additional steps.