How To Install Current Version Plugin Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is a suite of business related software most commonly used for business, education, and personal use. The suite of software was developed and created by Microsoft and since 1990 the software has gone through a number of updates so making sure you have the current version is important. Originally the business software was made only for the Windows Operating System but in recent years has expanded to Mac OSX and mobile.

With the suite of software you get access to Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and a number of other included applications. With Excel you can manage your spreadsheets. With Powerpoint you manage your power points. Finally with Word you can manage your word documents. These three applications of the software suite make up a majority of the reason why people use Microsoft Office.


Whether you’re using Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, and or Android operating system. You can rest assured knowing that Microsoft Office 2010 is available for your system. The suite of Office apps is perfect for academic, business, and personal use. Most people who use Microsoft Office are not only in love with the brand but this is their go to source for business and personal related document management on the computer and mobile. I have personally used the software for years from school to work. This is the most trusted suite of tools in the world.

microsoft office 2010 pluginWith the plethora of applications within Microsoft Office you must always keep it updated. Similar to if you use any of Google’s applications you always want to have them at the most current version .One of the most important reasons is because it helps keep your file safe. The second reason is that it will help keep your software secure from security related potential breaches. Hackers constantly prey on older versions of software because they are less secure.

In the proceeding post, I will guide you through the steps needed to get the most current version plugin of Microsoft Office 2010. I will show you how to update the computer version of the suite of softwares for Windows through your web browser.


On your Windows computer use this link to go to the official Microsoft Office Plugin site.


Choose your specified language then click the “download” button.
microsoft office 2010


Once the download is done. Open the file and run it.
microsoft office 2010 b


After you run the file and follow the steps, you Microsoft Office plugins should now be the most current version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For mobile users all you have to do to update is go to the specified app store and update the application. This only works for users with a valid license to the software. Also never share your license key with anyone. Microsoft will never ask you for it. Any attempt from anyone outside trying to ask you to give it over is not real.


Updating and getting the current version plugin for Microsoft Office 2010 is very simple. All you really need to do is download the updater software from the official site and in a few short minutes you have the latest version. Technology can be hard at time without the right guidance. Hopefully this post has guided you quickly and effectively in the solving the dilemma that you came here to find a solution for.