How To Install Current Version Plugin Google Update

Google Update is the name given to the software package that is built into the Mozilla Firefox browser. So if you are here reading this post you must be trying to download and install the most recent version plugin for the Google Update software for your Firefox browser.

You should always make sure that you have the latest release for your web browser and software package extensions. Many hackers out there prey on older versions because they contain older code that can be prone to security related problems. This is why ensuring that you have the newest release can help in the long run stay safe while your your computer.


If you use any of Google’s services such as chrome, earth, and or g-mail. Then most commonly the update for Google will automatically be installed into your Firefox web browser. This is because this extension helps keep their services up to date without you needing to go in and make changes yourself. Also read our other post on getting the latest version of shockwave for director to accompany your web browser. Although it might be surprising to see an extension that is installed without your knowledge. It is a safe one. May people will misconstrued that it is a piece of malware or unknown third party install.

STEP 1: 

Make sure that you have Firefox installed on your Windows and or Mac OSX computer. If you do not have Firefox installed. Here is the [link].
current google update 1

STEP 2: 

Once you have downloaded Firefox for your corresponding supported operating system. Install it on your computer. Keep in mind that it is usually over 70 megabytes. So download times will vary. Once installed it will be over 160 megabytes.
current google update 2

STEP 3: 

After installing the internet browser. Run it on your computer.
current google update 3

STEP 4: 

After your internet browser is open. Click on the button located on the top right. Then select “add on”.
current google update 4

STEP 5: 

Then tap on “extensions” and accordingly to browser modify your “Google Update” extension.

Also Remember: You don’t need to update the software if you don’t really use any of the Google services. Remember that for Google’s extension on Firefox is optional. You can install and download it if you want but if you don’t have a need for it. You can use step 5 to either update and or delete it.

Remember that the “Google Update” is the name for the software package for the extensions on your Mozilla Firefox browser. This is for the computer version of the browser and is not including the iOS and Android version’s of the web browser.

When you use modify the extension to get the most recent version of the software. You are automatically updating all of Google’s associated services. This is great because you no longer need to manually download and update all of the services by hand and can just do it with a few simple clicks from the “extensions” tab on your firefox browser.


When you have the most recent update for the extension installed you can rest assured knowing that all of Google’s services will be updated. This keeps hackers away because the software is harder to breach and your more safe while your use your internet browser to search the world wide web.