How To Install Current Version Plugin Google Talk Plugin

Google Talk is a messaging, video, and voice communication application that you can use to connect to other using the software. The communication app assigns their users with a physical phone number that can be used to call anywhere in the world for super low rates compared to other phone carrier services.

The messaging service is available on all major mobile operating systems as well as computer operating systems. So this means that all Android, iOS, Mac OSX, and or Windows. So all users of these systems can rest assured knowing that the messaging service is compatible for their devices.


Communicating with other on with Google Talk can be super useful because for many people around the world this service has eliminated their home and cell phone lines. This in return can save a person hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. Depending on how the communication app is for your preference you might consider switching if you are see no noticeable differences to your home and cell phone lines. With the service you also get your own physical phone number that you can use to call anyone in the world.
google talk pluginIf you cannot get enough of the great communication service by Google. Here is a easy step-by-step tutorial that you can use to get the current version plugin Google Talk plugin so that you can stay up to date. They are constantly updating the service to make it better so staying current with your software version can help eliminate bugs and software related errors.

For this tutorial I will be showing you how to update Google Talk on a Mac OSX computer. The process is pretty much the same if you are running Windows.


For computer users use this link. Otherwise if you are on mobile use the Android and iOS app.


Select your language and then tap on the big blue “download plugin” button.
google talk 1


Next the plugin will download.
google talk 2


After downloading the plugin you will need to run it.
google talk 3


When you run the plugin software just keep pressing next and read along to finish the installation process.
google talk 4

Keep in mind: If you are using a mobile device such as Android and or iOS. You do not need to update your version of the Google Talk plugin. This is because if you run mobile you just need to update the application and your done. But if you are using a computer the process is a little more hands on. Which is why you needed to do these additional steps on your PC.

Now that you have successfully installed and updated to the newest version of the software. You might also want to consider doing the same to their other services especially if you are running Google Earth or the Gmail app if you have it installed on your mobile.


By this point you should now have the most recent version of the Google Talk plugin installed on your computer system or mobile device. The messaging software is great because it offers a plethora of communication tools. With it you get unlimited texting and video chat for free. While with the phone calls you will have to pay a small rate depending on where you are calling to and from.