How To Install Current Version Plugin Google Earth Plugin

If you are using Mozilla Firefox on your Windows 10, 8, 7, and or Mac OSX computer. Then you should read my last post on the latest update for the most current version plugin of the Google Update. Otherwise you can just keep on reading to learn more about how to the plugin for your Google Earth.

Google Earth is an interactive piece of a software that can let you digitally travel and visit almost anywhere on that there are public satellite photos of. So if you have always wanted to see what a specific country, city, town, and or street. You can just hop on the mapping software and within a few seconds see what they place looks like in either 2d and or 3D.


Using Google Earth can be extremely fun and useful in certain circumstances. Whether you want to plan ahead and see what a location looks like. To checking out a physical place ahead of time for any other reasons. You can virtually go to and visit almost any place on the planet from the comfort of your computer system or mobile device. My favorite thing about the mapping software is that they have are cross platform and available on desktop, web (if you install the plugin), and mobile.
google earth plugin
Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you update to the most current version plugin for the Google Earth plugin. For this instructional post I will use Safari on Mac OSX. The steps for other web browsers should be similar.


If you are using Chrome the latest version of Google Earth is built into the browser. Otherwise use this [link] to go to the Official plugin website. If you are using a browser that is not Chrome.
google earth 1


Tap on the the blue button that says “Download the Google Earth Plugin”.
google earth 2


Next the plugin will download. Install it and run it.


By this point it will update the plugin to the current version automatically. You can now use the mapping software by Google on your web browser and explore the many features as much as you want.
google earth 3

Note: This tutorial is only for the web browser version of Google Earth. If you are using a mobile operating system such as Android or iOS. You should not follow this post. Also keep in mind that the actual software for the mapping software that you install as a program is different from the web browser plugin.

If you are using the mapping software program that you run from the launcher on your home screen. You don’t need to update to the most current version plugin for the Google Earth plugin. But if you are using a web browser then you will need to update it to ensure that it functions smoothly.

Also if your using Mac OSX and you miss the internet explorer for Windows then here are some great alternative to the coveted and missed internet explorer. With so many potential browsers out there. It can be hard for Google to update the mapping tool that they have created.


Some of the highlights of the Google Earth mapping software are not only can you explore land. But you can also explore the oceans, space, inside buildings, and even go back in time to see how a location looked like years prior. The plethora of features provide an endless amount of fun will keep you entertained for hours. It is almost like you now have the ability to travel the world in your fingertips.