7 Apps Just Like Clean Master For Android Phone And Tablet

Clean Master is an all-in-one app developed by Cheetah Mobile. Some of the many features included consist of antivirus, battery saver, junk cleaner, and phone booster. So if you are looking for any of these features all you have to do is download Clean Master once and your problems will be solved.

clean master for androidThe tool has been downloaded by over 700 million trusted users around the world and for years has consistently ranked among the top utilities that you can get on the Google Play Store.


If for any reason you can’t get enough of the cleaning tool developed by Cheetah Mobile. Here are a few more recognizable alternatives that you should consider trying out today.


droid optimizer
Looking for an app to optimize your Android phone or tablet? Droid Optimizer does exactly what the name suggest and tunes your device to make it faster. Some of the most notable features included are the app cleaner, manager, and privacy advisor. This is a great tool if your device is acting slow or your battery is draining too fast.


avira optimizer
This optimizer tool was developed the same company who brought you Avira Antivirus. Their specialty is creating aftermarket enhancement for computer operating systems and now they have moved to Android. With Avira Optimizer you can boost your device’s speed and clean junk files hidden in your phone. All of this in return extends the life of the battery in your device.


norton clean
Norton Clean might be the biggest competitor out there for the Clean Master app. Norton Mobile defiantly hit a home run with this application. Not only does the cleaner tool offer everything that it’s main competitor offer but also includes a beautiful design that is easy for anyone of any age to easily download and use.


avast cleanup
Avast Cleanup will remove junk files, uninstall adware, and clear up space you didn’t know you even had. The app helps make your Android faster and extends the battery life by removing unnecessary junk hiding in your device. You will also find that it includes a great task manager that can be useful in closing unwanted processes.


cm speed booster
Guaranteed to make your device faster. CM Speed Booster was developed by the same company who developed Clean Master for Android. I gave CM a try and am quite pleased with the results. It offers a one tap cleaning feature which is perfect for the busy individual who wants a quick and simple approach to improving the speed of their device.


du speed booster
All it takes is one tap with DU Speed Booster and Cleaner and your device will be much quicker and the battery will last longer. The company claims that their tool can make your battery last up to 60% more. But those are difficult claims to prove. Your best bet it to try it out and see what it can do for your Android phone or tablet.


CCleaner is hands down one of the best. I have been using this on my Windows operating system computers for years. In recent years they have moved to mobile utilities like their competition. With their optimizer software for Android you can download it and rest assured that you are using a quality piece of software from a name that you can trust.


Although these applications listed in this post were great. Clean Master for Android remains one of the must download tools if you own any Android powered phone or tablet. I have used this tool for years on my devices and can personally recommend it. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have options. Many of the competitors offer a comparable if not better option that you might find that you enjoy better.