7 Best Web Browsers For Android

Browsing the web on mobile in recent years has become more and more prominent compared to using a traditional internet browser on the computer.

These days with smartphones being so affordable. Almost everyone has a smartphone in their pockets. From Android phones to tablet. Mobile is slowly taking over the world.

best browser for androidSince so many people these days now have mobile phones and tablets. It is a given fact that mobile web browsing is becoming more common than traditional computer use.


With so many great internet browsing options out there. Its hard to determine which one is really the best. So here are the most popular that made the list.


My favorite thing about Firefox is that it is compatible with Google Chromecast. If you have a particular video or page that you want to stream to your TV. All you have to do is open it on the browser and push it to your TV to enjoy. The app also contains numerous extensions that you can download and install to enhance your experience.


With a smarter downloads feature built in to the web browser. If you accidentally attempt to download a large file over phone data. The app will notify you to wait till your connected to Wifi. With Opera you can also find and download music and videos really easy. As well as browse all your favorite websites online.


Created with speed in mind. Dolphin is an extremely fast web browser for Android. They also have a ton of third part ad ons that you can install to enhance the internet experiences on your mobile. The internet explorer also supports HTML5 and flash videos.


A super fast browser indeed. Puffin claim to be 6 times faster than the all mighty Google Chrome. As well as supporting flash video and cloud function. The internet explorer also helps you save on data usage by using less of your phone’s mobile data plan.


Made with security in mind. The Samsung internet browser contains a number of security enhacing features. The best seems to be secret mode makes it so that the app never leaves any trace of your online activity. However my favorite is the power saving mode which makes it so you don’t use as much battery life.


Created by Google so you know this is nothing but quality. The Chrome Browser is perfect in every aspect of using the internet. If you have a Google account you can easily sync across mobile and computer. The app also saves on your data usage by up to 50%. I have been using this app for years and can say that I personally have no complaints.


If you want a safe, private, and fast internet exploring experience. CM Browser is the answer that you have been searching for. The app not only small and compact but contains a safe scan feature that will scan files you try to download. This is great so that you don’t get any viruses on your android. CM also contains a beautiful design that is great for users of any age.


By this point of the post you should have found a web browser for Android to download. Personally my favorite is Google Chrome because it is easy to use and has a easy on the eyes design. But with so many options out there it can be difficult to decide what to use. But thankfully these exist posts like these. Where we compile only the best browsers and bring them to you in a single page.