7 Best Pedometer Apps For Android

Staying active should be a priority in everyones life. Counting the amount of steps you take in an hour, day, week, or month can make being active and walking fun. Its also great to know the amount of steps you take per day so that you can make exercise plans.

In a marketplace full of selection. It can be hard to sift through the mass volume of applications to find the best pedometer app for android. But lucky for you. I have tried and tested numerous of these apps and have done the grunt work for you.

#7 – Nike+ Running
Nike+ Running
Created by the Nike company. You can use this pedometer app for android to track your steps where ever you are in the world. Whether you are on the treadmill, trail, or the streets. You can now track your progress everywhere. The app currently ranks among the top 10 for this category. With around 430 thousand reviews and over 10 million downloads. You can’t go wrong adding this to your phone.

#6 – S Health
S Health
S Health was developed by Samsung Electronics Co LTD. The application is more then just a step counter. Every step you take in any environment is recorded as you walk and displayed in many useful graphs and statistics. All you need to is move your legs and go on and about with your daily routine. With around 50 thousand reviews and over 100 million downloads. This is is a leader in the step counting big data market.

#5 –┬áPedometer
Created by the developer tayutau. The app is rated among the #1 spot on the google play store. Every step you take is recored and the outputted into a smart graph that shows your time, calories, mph and more. Coming in with over 130 thousand reviews and over 10 million downloads. The stats are pretty impressive.

#4 – WalkLogger
A simple step counter with a state of the art backend. You get a number of features. Such as estimation for your calories burned, distance walked or ran. Fun unlockable options that you earn by walking. The app has a mere 1 million and counting current downloads. But with an average of 4 stars from the 17 thousand reviews. This is a great option if you are into a simplistic design and easy to use interface.

#3 – Runtastic

You can sync all your data online with their web service. According to the developer the app helps you reach the 10k daily recommended steps. You can even rate the terrain you are walking to get better detailed stats about your walking.

#2 – Fitbit

If you own a Fitbit device. You can download this application to sync with your device to capture your steps as well as your activities, foods calories, and combines all the data to make show intuitive graphs and data to help you realize trends in your lifestyle.

#1 – Google Fit

This was the best pedometer app for android in my opinion because from the time you open the app to when you start using it. Everything is so easy to follow. All you do is walk around and the data is captured. The app features pretty much all the main features of the competitors in this category and even works with your Android Wear watch.