6 Best Equalizer Apps For Android

If you’re a hardcore music lover, there is a big chance you want the ability to control how your music sounds. This goes beyond simply adjusting the volume on your device to a lower or higher setting, and involves adjusting the bass, turbo, etc to fit your needs. Anyone who has ever played around with these setting can attest that they make a big difference in your listening experience, so having a good app for it can be essential if your music player doesn’t have an equalizer. This article will highlight some of the best equalizer apps for Android and point out their important features.


I scoured the Google Play Store for the best sound enhancing equalizer applications. Here are the ones that made the cut in terms of sound quality improvement.


This is a very powerful app for getting the most out of your music experience. It has a volume boost with 15 levels of adjustment, 12 for bass, and 12 for sound virtualization. There is also a five channel equalizer. You can get either the free or paid version of this app, and the main difference between the two is the presence of advertisements. Another cool aspect of this app is that it adds full screen visualizations for your music, which enhances the experience.


This is another really exciting equalizer app for android that should be looked into in order to enhance your music experience. Thanks to K&K Design. This app allows users to switch screens between a standard stereo screen and a material theme. In my opinion, this is what makes this app great because it adds a level of visual coolness to your music. Music Volume EQ is free in the Play Store.


This app has everything you could possibly need in an equalizer application. Created by the SmartAndroidApps company. It has everything all the others have, but it also includes the ability to hook into some music apps, which allows to automatically start when you play music. You get skins for not only the app but for the widget as well. The downside to the app is that it has been a while since it was updated. Equalizer is a free app in the Play Store.


The DJIT team hit a home run with this one. This might be one of my favorite applications on Google Play. I have been using this sound enhancing app for months while now. It also has a built in bass booster and MP3 Player. So you can listen and enhance all your favorite songs and sounds on the go.


Made by SeattleApps, this sound enhancement app does everything in regards to sound alterations. When you first open the software on your Android phone or tablet you will notice that it has a beautifully designed interface. The buttons are fancy. Although it accomplishes the same thing as it’s competitors.


Great for the folks who want enhanced bass to their sound. This app takes the cake for improving sound quality of bass for songs and any type of audio recording.


As you can see from the list, the number of equalizer apps out there are enormous and each offers their own unique spin on the process of sound enhancement. This is because there are only a set number of tasks that these apps need to accomplish. Also, many music services, such as Spotify, will already have built in sound enhancers. The same is true for many new Android smart phones. For this reason, there aren’t a whole lot of use for third party equalizer apps out there, but there are a few that still stick out from the crowd.