8 Of The Best Free Alarm Clock Apps For Android

Having an alarm clock on your Android device is a must have for any busy modern person because they keep your life in order so that you can wake up on time every day.

Most people don’t use traditional alarm clocks anymore because their phones have taken over the task of reminding you to wake up or to leave for work.

Android smartphones and tablets these days can do almost anything. From providing an additional caller id feature to telling you who is calling to waking you up on time.


Alarm Clock Xtreme
This is a truly beautiful app that will help make sure that you are on time for everything, or at least that you have the potential to be, and it does it with great style. Some of the important features of this app are: music alarms, random mode, math problems to disarm your alarm, and you can set a maximum number of snoozes. Another great feature of this app is that it has a sleep timer that can help you fix some of your sleeping habits that have negative impacts on your day.


I Can't Wake UP
The goal of any alarm clock is to provide stimulation in order to wake you from your slumber. Traditionally this stimulation has been sound, but this app does it by requiring you to do challenges. This is genius because you can’t just snooze these challenges because the alarm doesn’t stop until you solve them. The challenges on this app fall into the following categories: math, memory, rewriting, and many other exciting things that are sure to wake you up.


Talking Alarm Clock
Some people need more than music or a loud and annoying sound to wake up, they actually need someone, or something, talking to them and saying to wake up. This makes sense because this is how we are used to taking commands. The Talking Alarm Clock app is for these people, and it’s actually really good. The really interesting thing is that you record what you want to alarm to say in your own voice or someone else’s.


The makers of this app put a great deal of time into designing an application that not only worked, but that was also very attractive. It’s clear that they did not cut any corners on the design aspect. One of the cool things about Timely Alarm Clock is that you get to fully customize your experience, which means that you control how the app looks as well as what sounds wake you up.


Smart Alarm Free
This is another option for people who want an alarm clock that offers more than the standard alarm feature that comes on their device. With this application, not only can you set recurring alarms, but you can set your alarm to skip certain holidays. However, it should be noted that this fee version has some limitations that some of the other apps on this list don’t have. For example, there are ads on this app.


Created by Google so you can expect nothing but quality. Clock is a smart alarm application created for Android. You can even schedule your alarm for days to make your life easier. There is even a built in stopwatch and timer function that can come in handy. After you wake up it might also be helpful to install a weather widget for Android to help you decide if you need a jacket or not.


This maybe one of my favorite clock apps. Alarmy is a very beautifully designed application. If you want to make waking up more of a priority you can even turn on their built in features to shake the phone and or even solve a puzzle to wake up.


Not only is it designed with quality and user experience in mind. Glimmer can help you wake up more pleasant. There is a cool feature where it will automatically turn your phone on half an hour before your alarm rings. It will slowly decrease the brightness setting thus helping you wake a little more calmly.


Alarm clocks have come a long way, and the apps that are offered in the Play Store to fulfill this need is proof of that. The apps on this list have some really exciting features that can help make sure you’re on time for your life’s events. All of the apps featured here are great, but this list is by no means extensive because there are many great clock apps for Android in the Play Store waiting to be downloaded.