7 Best Barcode Scanner Apps For Android

The practice of scanning QR codes has become increasingly popular in recent years. When the capability was first introduced to the masses, it was very basic and not very wide spread. However, many companies now use QR codes as a way to get consumers more interested in their products. Different people use these codes for different things, some people use them to compare prices and save money, but others use them just for fun. Whatever your purpose, here are the top barcode scanner and QR Code apps available on Android.


On this post I have personally tested many of the most popular ranking apps on Google Play and share with you the ones that I found the most useful.


This app goes above and beyond what’s expected of barcode and QR code readers because it’s also a way of shopping on and off line. You simply scan a code and the app then searches the internet for the best prices online and near you. Of course, there are other ways to accomplish this task, but scanning a barcode is really easy and that gives this app a great dead of purpose.


The name of the app is incredibly unimagined, but it gets the job done. It’s a regular QR code scanner that also allows you to access your prior scans from other devices as well as the web. This is perfect for people who use QR codes for business related purposes. Another plus for this app is that it works on tablets, which is rare for QR code readers, but needed because many people use tablets in stores these days.


This is an app that not many people use, but it’s one that could come in handy. Norton Snap QR Code Reader is your normal code scanner, but it add something that other apps of its kind don’t have. With this particular application, you can also check to see if a QR code is malicious or not. This could be useful because codes could easily be replaced with ones that lead to compromised or otherwise harmful sites.


This application is not only a barcode scanner, it’s also a code generator, which is really cool. In fact, the user comments in the Play Store about the app paint the picture that the generator is actually pretty fancy. Of course, not everyone who scans barcodes has any interest in generating them, but there is a pretty sizable audience for it.


This app cones in handy because it’s an excellent QR code scanner, but is also makes it’s easy to find other useful information online. For example, if you buy a product that later gets recalled for some reason. Buycott makes it easy to figure out how and where to file a complaint about it. It will also tell you what brands should be avoided if they have similar characters as the brand that you filed the complaint about.


If you want to scan not only QR but also UPC’s then this app by Zxing will get the job done. It it not the most pretty app out there. But it does get the job done perfectly. After you scan your product you can also do a search by product or through the web.


Last but not least we have ShopSavvy. This is a barcode scanner app that is one of my favorites. Use the app and scan almost any popular product and it will find you the cheapest deal available online. I took this a a local Walmart and scanned a few items and found me cheaper deals online.


Most of the Barcode Scanners and QR code readers out there are the same, but a few of them offer features that are both unique and useful. If you only want a code scanner, any of these apps will do, but if you need more, there is probably an app that also has those specific capabilities to meet your needs.