The Complete Guide To Aptoide App Store

Started as an alternative app store to Google play in 2009. Soon after in 2011, they company became legalized under a subset of CM Software. Then as of December 2015, the company has gotten around $4 million in funding. If you are a developer, this is also an open source project. So if you want to contribute you can do so.

Aptoide been around for a few years and is a great way to help you discover the best apps for your Android if you for some reason do not want to use Google Play. What this app does is allow you to download and then install any application for your Android device. Pretty much anything that is available of the Google Play is on Aptoide and is ready for you to download and start using.

How To Download Apotide App With Android Device:
Step #1 : With your Android device go to ‘settings’.
Step #2 : From the settings tab, tap ‘security’.
Step #3 : From the security tab, check ‘allow unknown sources’.
Step #4 : Launch your internet browser and go to the official Aptoide website.
Step #5 : Create and account and verify your email.
Step #6 : Login your newly created account.
Step #7 : Congrats you successfully installed it.

After you successfully download Aptoide on your device you pretty much now have over a million apps at the touch of your finger tips. Whatever the app that you want you can know get in a few simple clicks. The great thing about this app is you are no longer restricted to certain apps by country. So if you live in a country where something is not available. You can know get whatever application that you want without any location based restrictions straight from Aptoide app.