How To Fix Apple iPhone App Store Not Working

The App Store: an icon on our home screens that remains ignored until we need it. Although it may not be used as often as the messaging app or the camera app, that blue icon represents one of the most vital aspects of your device.

Accessing the App Store gives you the power to customize your Apple device with endless instantly downloadable applications; and now you find yourself powerless. When it won’t load or it leaves you with a blank page, you’re finding yourself feeling stuck. You may feel stuck, but there are a few solutions to offer.


With a little effort, you will have your App Store rebooted and functioning in no time. The following solutions are applicable to Apple iPads, iPods, iPhones.
iphone app store


This is an often overlooked option, but sometimes simply force-quitting the App Store is the quickest fix for this problem. You can do this by double tapping your home button. Once you have double tapped on the Home Button, you will see a series of opened apps portrayed in a layered page format. This is called the App Switcher. Simply tap the “X”of the application store page to force-quit. To leave the App Switcher screen, just press the Home Button once. You can now reopen the App Store. If the application market is back to full functionality, you have successfully fixed your problem. If it still doesn’t function properly, try one of the other solutions below.


This is the equivalent of clearing the memory within the App Store. With the App Store open, look for the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap this menu bar ten times rapidly. This will reset the App Store. If this does not work for whatever reason, there are a few more procedures you can perform in attempt fix your problem.


Without a decent internet connection, the App Store may not work correctly. You can check your connection. This is accomplished through two different methods.


First make sure you are not having any internet related issues on your iPhone. Go to you Settings App on your device. Click on the Wi-Fi tab. At the top of this screen, there will be a switch next to it. If the switch is green, this means your internet is on and connected. Also, you will see a list of networks under “Wi-Fi”. There should be a blue checkmark next to your current network in use.

If the switch is grey or there are no checkmarks next to a network name, slide the switch next to the “Wi-Fi” at the top of the list. You may need to select your network and enter your network password if you have never connected before.

The strength of your internet connection – Wi-Fi or Data – are depicted in the top banner of your device. There will be five circles at the leftmost portion of the banner. If all five circles are solid, then your internet connection is strong. The more empty circles you have portrays a weaker connection. Once you troubleshoot any internet issues, your App Store has the ability to function properly again.


A simple device restart may be a final solution if all else fails. Fully power off your device by holding the lock button in until you see a “slide to power off” screen. Once your device is fully shut down, leave it off for at least ten seconds before restarting. If your Apple app store is still not working, you may need further assistance from Apple experts, considering that this may be a software problem. Also make sure you are not having any cannot connect to iTunes errors.


If you have exhausted all of your options, contacting Apple may be your best option now. With a potential software problem, the experts at Apple can help direct you further. You can either take your device into an Apple Store near you or you can visit the apple support website.


If any of the different fixes worked then you should be enjoying a fully functional App Store again on your Apple iPhone. Different devices encounter different glitches occasionally, but with a little troubleshooting, most problems can be fixed without spending a fortune on professional help.