Top 3 Alternatives To Siri For Android

Technology has advanced so far that today almost anyone with a Android mobile device can download a smart voice assistant and make their lives a little more helpful. Your time is valuable so why manually check the weather, or make a phone call yourself. When you can make your smart voice assistant do the mindless work for you.

Originally launched on just the iPhone 4s back in 2011. Today, Siri is the world leading smart voice assistant. What you can do with it is talk to into it and it will respond back with a variation algorithmic smart responses. Ask it the weather, the time, or whatever you can think of. You will be surprised with what it says in response. For android users you are in luck because there are tons of great alternatives that accomplish the same thing as Siri. So you no longer limited to just an iOS device.


Alex is a a great assistant for droid users. Ask him a variation of questions and you will be surprised at how intuitive he really is. I downloaded the application and tested a variation of questions from “taco trucks near me” to “who is obama”. He responded appropriately to all my remarks.


Robin is another great one. I will admit that this application has a beautifully designed interface. Similarly to Siri for android you can ask Robin a series of commands. This application was aimed toward drivers so there was an emphasis on road implementation. Ask her anything from road information to general jokes and more.


This is the top rated voice assistant app on Google Play. Currently there are over 10 million downloads with close to 800 thousand reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I tested the application and was quite pleased. Almost anything I asked, in return I got satisfactory responses.