How To Fix Android Device Manager Location Unavailable

The android device manager is Google’s alternative to find my iPhone. The service is a software based tool to help you locate your device through GPS location using either Wifi or a mobile internet connection. Lets say you lose, misplace, or just want to know where your device is located. All you need to do is log in device manager and you can activate the GPS location and see within seconds where your phone or tablet is at.

location unavailable in android

The service is free and sometimes depending on where you are. Your phone or tablet may not be able to connect to either the internet or GPS. Lets say you travel in the forest, under a bridge, or a part of town where coverage is blocked or non existent. The only way to get coverage is to return to a populated spot away from big bulky thing that might interfere with the signal.

How To Fix Location Unavailable On Android Device Manager:

  1. Make sure you are connected to an active internet connection.
  2. Make sure that the GPS is on.
  3. Open the device manager application.
  4. Login your account.
  5. Log in and log out of your account.
  6. Now log back in your account.
  7. Turn on and off airplane mode.
  8. Turn off and on your phone or tablet.

Keep in mind: You should have now fixed your device manager of any errors. By this point if you are still getting unavailable location within the application. What you should do is try to physically go to another location and see if anything changes.

device manager

Sometimes your app just acts up. All it really takes is either uninstalling and doing a fresh install. Or turning your device off and on. Most the time this helps. But in some instances when your phone is physically broken. This could be a hardware related issue.